Posted by: Isaac Bruce | July 10, 2011

POEM: As We Know It

This whole week I have been thinking about you my avid readers, on how to entertain you differently. I just thought of sharing a poem I wrote last two years in June out of a feeling of warmth, suspense, loved and above all free. This poem is dedicated to anyone who believes in free thought.


I don’t know what is happening to love

Love is now telling lies to save love.

Let me say this in a way I have not said before

Before I open my eyes,

The love has taken over my spirit,

It talks to me

Without my ear and mind listening.

You are the man and woman I have to save

Only if I know how to live life to the full.

Thank you for holding my eyelid,

To stay awake

Today is the virgin time in my life

I love to make it clear that you are part

Same here as I look with pity on you

They are expressed in same shape as yourself

You know that is true but can easily be false

Now that I live like a love

To say love like ignorant.


What should I be feeling tomorrow?

Though tomorrow does not know,

Whether is coming tomorrow.

Say you know for a minute

See how you deceived yourself.

Today is here, now is here now

Today is tomorrow

So love it,

Like the way you love tomorrow

To do something new.


What Do You Think?

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