Posted by: Isaac Bruce | May 31, 2011

Koforidua Chronicles

 Finally, I had to move from Accra to Koforidua before the beginning of next month June to start my summer internship with Burro Company. I am very much excited about working with the Burro brand mainly because is a highly – progressive start up in Ghana in September 2008 (when I entered college). More so, it is focused on Agriculture and increasing its product category in this industry which is the main part of my work and a future venture I will like to go in.

Thus I left Accra to Koforidua on a state transport bus at about 1pm with few rain patches. The bus was overloaded with goods and traders from Koforidua and Accra since it was a market day in Koforidua. I had to remove my earphones a dozen times to answer questions from other people on board. It felt like a journey that was never going to end. There were great sceneries coupled with the chilly weather condition from the hills and mountains.

Before getting to Akwapim Manpong (town) a little boy from a distance stood close to the middle of the busy road trying to sell us a bush meat (akrantie, they call it). It was great to see but scary for me as well. This confirms my earlier view of the entrepreneurial spirit of Ghanaians in general and hence my quote ₺What we call as entrepreneurial spirit is not in some of us, but is actually in all of us₺. Not forgetting the female traders I sat on the bus with. This trend is duplicated throughout Africa, as women are the ones who till the land, harvest the goods to the market and perform all the economic activities that will give way to Africa’s growth in the future whilst not understating the support of men in these.

So I finally got to Koforidua at 30 minutes after 4. From the directions given, I walked by pass the Burro office, which as far I could see, is supposedly meant to be the only flashy green storey building in the town yet unnoticeable to me. I was greeted by football enthusiasts in Koforidua who have gone agog for the match between Man United and Barca FC. Had some waakye (rice and beans) and took a 2 hour nap. Just by the bed is a nice lamp so I got hold of this book titled ‘Markets and States in Tropical Africa’ written by Robert .H. Bates. I got this book from a close friend Alina, who is also passionate about Economics at UC Berkeley.

For the next two months I will be writing more on what Burro is doing and Agriculture in Ghana, as I delve deep into this subject, also as a result of my work in this field. I also promise my avid readers to give a personal analysis on the book later. So for now, is Koforidua/ Koftown and I love my room -_-


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