Posted by: Isaac Bruce | February 16, 2011

Kindle Up your Life- Readworm

“Our time with our leader was like living in paradise”- (Student of Adeiso SHS- Julian Avariga)

I even forgot my body spray before leaving the house for Adeiso that morning- God help us! (-_-).The Ashesi bus made everything much simpler and hassle-free though. For us, it was our last chance to meet students of Adeiso Senior High School. Readworm working in partnership with WorldReader is a great experience and exposure. At the point that we share a common goal, though Readworm takes it a little bit extreme – to turn individuals into readworms! Readworm is a fine student initiative started on Ashesi campus with four students to encourage a reading culture in Africa. Since then it has participated in the Dell Social Innovation Competition and other cool stuff.

We hit the road at about 6:20am GMT and it was supposed to be a 2 and half hours’ drive. Traffic was expected to mount up heavily since it was a weekend and there are funerals and other occasions on our road. Well it did not even seem to be a 2 hours’ drive. Before I could start dozing to sleep, we were in Adeiso SHS in the Eastern Region of Ghana. True as they say, time flies when you are having fun! Students of Adeiso Presbyterian SHS needed to see us after all to make their judgement of us. However, I did not anticipate to see senior high students old as myself to be seated waiting for us. It was great to see how every student had something to do- either doing laundry or directing our bus into the school.

We passed through a bush to an uncompleted building in the school which was meant to house form four students. This new development was finalized by the current government to increase the stay of these students to 4 years.  How does a country expect to see its student jump to this ‘great idea’-   and not even a classroom building to show? Let us not digress much. Filled with about 40 students, we split into groups of six students.  ‘The Sultan’s Daughter’ by Peggy Oppong was the book to be analysed. It was rewarding to see how Patricia, Emmanuel and Eunice made meaningful connections with the book to their personal lives and even tried to advise me at some point.

We walked around the school at some point. But the real beauty, the startling part is their focus and zeal to learn. Ms. Mensah, from Worldreader commented “I have never seen a group of students with an exceptional drive and focus throughout the countries I taught including the UK”. Some colleagues even felt their experience was ‘a dream come true’.  Seriously, I want to thank Readworm/WorldReader and for that matter students like George Neequaye, Michael Quansah, Jennifer Senoo, Habeeb Aremu, Nii Sowah Kakai, Diana Dayaka  for their courage and being great models for Adeiso SHS students.

You have my word to keep updating you on the chronicles of my new found love (Adeiso)




  1. Great piece of writing Isaac.

    Community service in Ghana needs more young people such as yourself. I am sure you’ve impacted the lives of these Adeeso SHS kids more than you actually realise. Keep on!


    • Thank you a lot Mr. Sowah for the compliments, i hope my little impact will draw other young people to it. Have a nice day.

  2. Way to go Bruce. When was this trip? Was it open to everyone, because i would have wished to be part, I am sure i saw the mail ans just didn’t bother to read entirely. Shame on me 😦

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