Posted by: Isaac Bruce | December 6, 2010

Different Cultures Meet

“Black and white people should never stop talking about racism when they meet”- Kofi Annan

About a month ago, I finally met with Rob Whiting after series of calls and text messages. I was really hard to get hold off, you know. I knew Rob from Jessica (we both worked on a Best Buddies program) who gave my details to Rob to contact me when he is in Ghana.  It was very easy for me to agree to meet with him. Finally when we met; it was as if we knew ourselves long ago perhaps because of our education, mindset, personality etc. After all these similarities that I thought of, there were some differences between us that is much complex and beyond our control.

I did not only meet with Rob, but also with Jana. She wore a big smile, shook me and said “I have heard a lot about you!”. Well I did not really know what that statement actually meant. Finally, when we came out of their apartment, I could feel the stares from people around us, it was so strong. Ignoring that, we decided to get ourselves drinks whilst we talk on issues especially on Ghana and the United States. We talked about random issues facing our current generation. I will describe it as elitist. We randomly talked about Facebook, Mugabe political moves, their job here in Ghana and about my busy life revolving mostly around college.

I can’t remember when we started talking about racism, black emancipation and the like. It was an emotional moment for me, since most of the time I was at the receiving end (answering most questions). We talked mostly about how racism in itself has revolved to present day ideology and principles. I am aware this topic is more often not talked about.

This required a very creative thought process to give any meaningful response. Arguably, as Africans we should rather seek to economically develop ourselves to be independent of any society and any form of ‘neo-colonialism’. Of course, this was argued out with a lot of examples and details to convince Rob of the presence of neo-colonialism in present day Africa.

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Kofi Annan (former U.N Secretary-General) that young people should never stop talking about racism whenever they meet as white and black people.


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