Posted by: Isaac Bruce | August 9, 2010

Another Success for Africa

 In Africa, it is very easy to find families, friends and even people in your community displaced by war and its effects than people moving around to explore the continent for themselves.

Rwanda and its people have fallen prey to this over the year’s since its civil war in 1990. I admire His excellency President Paul Kagame for restoring peace and security and doing a phenomenal work in the health sector. Today, 9th August 2010 is a very significant day in the democracy of Rwanda and what its people believed in.

In the leap to this election, the media have gathered news on some bombings around the country in the build up for the election. I believe is much of a success for all of us, however there remains a huge task ahead of us in the area of freedom of the press, freedom of speech and the respect of the fundamental human rights of its citizenry.

There is a huge development in how much more Rwandan’s are now debating and talking about who to rule them and what they expect from the people they put in power. This showed in the turn out number at the polls today about 5 million people including women and youth.

I think the AU should congratulate and help Rwanda build its people and country back.


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