Posted by: Isaac Bruce | July 15, 2010

Ki Naa Ko!

Where did my (your) mind go when Mr. Platter declared South Africa as the host for the 2010 world cup; what about your reflexes. I am not saying I am ignorant of this thought, but I believe the beauty of it was to question and champion this thought. Ki Naa Ko, this word became more meaningful when Nelson Mandela on the streets of Johannesburg echoed this phrase to the world. International media houses and other agencies started to clarify the meaning of this phrase throughout the world cup celebrations. Football fanatics might just believe is a mere statement to whip up our interest. Your opinion will definitely provide a different perspective but I don’t think it is true nor false.

This phrase communicated a very unique and profound message. Perhaps much stronger than all the messages I have heard being preached on podiums and other stages. Ki Naa Ko…! Which means it is our time in Zulu language of South Africa, became the most popular phrase during this period. So what does this mean to us? Though this word will be popular from June 11 to July 11, 2010. I see it’s meaning sticking into our hearts forever if we apply to our continent:where we are now. This world cup means a lot to us than any other group of people in the world. Ki Naa Ko. The 1 goal project was a step in the right direction to put every growing child around the world in to school. However, I have seen little indulgence by other African Leaders and I wish they could have just been involved more with it.

Watching the round 16 match between Ghana and the US, I shouted “racism”, and I felt as though it will have been better if I never said that at all. My people do not even recognize there are constant organized institutions and key people in our midst who are against our unity-our success. The failure to recognize a challenge or a problem does not necessarily remove it. We have to continue to fight and fight to prove to the world, we are equal. This time we do not need independence from any other man, but we need independence from ourselves as Africans.

In South Africa, by the round 16 stage, Ghana was the only African nation. It clearly shows, we need few nations to come to an agreement on the idea of Uniting African States. United States of America, was a fresh idea to them when they first met in Pennsylvania to talk about this. Additionally the greatest truth of this whole experience is that ‘We Africans are more united and linked together for us to think otherwise’. On July 2nd , 2010, when the ‘Black stars of Africa’ failed to see the back of the net and lost to Uruguay on penalties; the whole Africa lost, the whole Africa felt it is the end for them.



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