Posted by: Isaac Bruce | May 27, 2010

I want my voice back!

This is an excerpt of a poem I wrote on the 8 th April, 2010 at about 7pm. The mood for this poem was much more of  obsession, aggression and dissatisfaction. It was interesting to come up with a poem in such a situation. This is my first ‘official’ poem I  am sharing with you though. It does not make any much sense to me, just evokes those emotions. Hope you enjoy it *_*

I really want to do it

But someone has done it already

I don’t like this one

But is done and not done well

And i still want to do it

This is making me lazy to see the magic in others

Does it mean everything i will imagine is done?

Or was even done by those who imagined for the first time?

Google, you are my witness

Is frustrating to try new…

Is not even easy to go with the already created


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