Posted by: Isaac Bruce | February 20, 2010

Please Vote 4 Read Worm

Hello Friend,

I am part of a group called Readworm competing with other teams in the Dell Social Innovation Competition. Our goal as a team is below. Hope you believe in our dream and you will be able to support us moving forward. Thank You!

Existing Condition

About 9 years ago in Ghana, libraries were highly patronized among school children because of the services and contributions it offered. Over the years, due to poor maintenance of these libraries and a decline in the reading culture among young people, the libraries have become non-functional.

Why a Reading Revolution?

We believe this vicious cycle is ongoing because most schools and communities in the rural areas of Ghana and West Africa do not even have libraries and do not understand the importance of nurturing readers. Objectively, our team is passionate about a reading revolution because we believe it will enable Africans to begin telling their own stories and young readers will be better positioned to think through the continent’s problems and devise solutions for them.


The services that libraries in Ghanaian communities now offer need to be restructured to meet the demands of a globally changing world. These libraries need to adapt and be more creative in meeting the needs of curious minds for every growing child. This project will be able to upgrade existing non- operational libraries to nurture curious minds in deprived region and broaden library services to offer career development, information services, French literacy and a digital library. Think of what a nation with a reading generation can do for the country’s development.

Read Worm’s mission is to upgrade non-operational libraries in Ghana to help encourage sustainable reading culture among young people by introducing activities that make young people interested to read and be aware of things affecting them. Our Vision is to break the cycle of poverty by creating a reading Africa for its people to enable Africans tell their own story.



What Do You Think?

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